Ensures a Straight Strike | Eliminates Resistance | Enables Sweet Spot Connect

Brand New Golf Tee Concept

PureStrike is our revolutionary new performance tee, developed by golfers for golfers

To ensure a straight strike.
To eliminate resistance. 
To enable sweet spot connect. 

We've lived your pain many times of our club clipping regular tees just 1 or 2 milliseconds before or during a strike.  And the frustration of not making a clean swing and a straight shot. We've created PureStrike for every golfer who's open to innovative equipment that gives our game an edge.  

Independently tested and proven to deliver technical performance. Currently patent pending ....

The PureStrike Range
A unique tee for every club on every hole

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PS 3 wood

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PS Driver 1(3/8)

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PS driver 2

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The Science Behind It - How It Works


The height of your tee will help you avoid the gear effect. This happens when you tee the ball too low which increases the backspin on the ball. However, teeing up your ball too high could lead to more air under the ball and less distance.


Your club sweeps both ball and upper section of the tee away during a fluid and uninterrupted swing.  


The base remains in the ground during the shot to eliminate the possibility of impact resistance.

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Tabitha Smith

PureStrike for Performance

PureStrike has been creatively engineered as a two-section golf tee with an  asymmetrical shaft golf tee.
  • Upper section of the tee falls away completely when your club connects with the ball so no possibility of connection between the club and the tee, ensuring beautiful follow through of the swing of the golf club
  • Shaft of the top part of the tee is purposefully non-centre and positioned furthest away from where the golf club could potentially catch the tee 
  • Bottom section of the tee is below ground level with no risk of the club connecting with this bottom part during the swing
  • Opening designed into the cup to facilitate smooth ball movement