Our Story
Proud of our Irish roots!

We are a golf family business established in Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Patrick Lawlor, a passionate golfer and honorary lifetime member of St Anne’s Golf Club (add link) on North Bull Island Nature Reserve. PureStrike golf tees help you to make ball-first contact and deliver a straight shot every time.

Golf is one of the most challenging, rewarding and enjoyable sports ever played, requiring a combination of technical ability and mental control of your game.

A golfer for over 50 years, Patrick has always loved the challenge of playing a consistently good game of golf. Like most golfers he became addicted to seeing if another brilliant shot was coming up with his next stroke. In golf, every shot counts without exception.

Many players have trouble hitting the golf ball off the tee. This is, in part, due to the fact that everyone usually tries to swing harder at tee shots and also partly because it’s more difficult to control direction with the driver compared to other clubs. The speed at which the golf swing happens, is one reason why many consider golf to be the hardest sport to play.

Over the years, Patrick has defined and constantly refined a revolutionary golf tee design and PureStrike golf tees are now available to help you make ball-first contact and deliver a straight shot off the tee every time.