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 Benefits of using PureStrike

  • designed to eliminate resistance during your strike
  • prevents your club head being thrown off-line
  • fall-away of upper tee section to allow an uninterrupted swing follow-through
  • off centre shaft to avoid swinging in and clipping the tee so your ball is completely still and not moving at point of contact with the club
  • larger cup than standard tees with internal ridging for balance and stability
  • cup opening to enable your ball to move off fluidly

>> Straighter result proven in independent testing

>> Innovatively designed in 2 pieces  to eliminate resistance during your strike

>> Proven to deliver less ball curve for a straighter result


Very simply, your club sweeps ball and upper section of the tee away during the strike.  The base of the tee remains in the grass.

With PureStrike, the ball and the tee are as one.  Because the tee is falling away, the club isn’t turning in your hand. PureStrike tee is designed to not interfere with your club head

PureStrike is for you if you sometimes:

  • strike the ball on a downward swing
  • have a too-steep swing
  • hit down on the ball and hammer down on the tee causing the club to turn in your hand
  • swing in a couple of mm too low and clip the tee millisecond(s) before or during your strike

Choose your height:

Upper section:

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large

Connect upper height to base

Place as one piece in the grass

Base in grass, below ground level

Upper section about ground level

Joint between upper and base at ground level

Opening in cup in direction of ball flight

Your club sweeps ball and upper section away for less ball curve and a straighter result



Decision Reference numbers: ES2021-0394A, ES2021-0394B, and ES2021-0394C

“It has been determined that the use of these tees during the course of a stipulated round would not be contrary to Rule 6.2 (Teeing)”