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Press Release July 2022

Dublin company ACE Golf Tee Ltd launches Innovative Two-Piece Tee for Straighter Strike

The performance golf tees that deliver zero resistance at point of contact, less ball curve, further distance!


Successful Irish Family Business

Dublin, July 2022 – ACE Golf Tee Ltd., a family business passionate about golf, is now selling its innovative two-piece golf tee called PureStrike in all McGuirks shops nationwide.

Created and manufactured in Ireland, the PureStrike tee delivers a straighter strike, zero resistance and further distance for a better round of golf.  The brand is owned by ACE Golf Tee Ltd, based in Clontarf in Dublin.

Congratulations to its designer and inventor. Having just celebrated his 90th birthday a few weeks ago, Patrick Lawlor said: “I am absolutely thrilled that my daughter and I have been able to bring this dream to life”. Patrick, a life-time member of St Anne’s Golf Club in Dublin has more than 50 years of golf experience meaning PureStrike golf tees have been designed by a truly seasoned golfer.

This family success story started when Patrick realised that there was something missing in the performance golf tees market. “I’d be playing golf and realise that when my club clipped the tee, it sabotaged my shot” said Patrick. “This is such a pain point for most golfers. That’s what got me started to think that if the tee could fall away during the strike, my swing would be uninterrupted. And the PureStrike concept was born”.


Independently Robot Tested in USA

The fundamental difference that sets PureStrike apart is its innovative two-part tee that delivers a straighter, longer shot with less ball curve.  It’s been designed for zero resistance, less spin, straighter result. Further distance. ACE Golf Tee Ltd have been able to quantify this in a robotized swing testing in Golf Laboratories Inc , the world  leader in golf equipment testing and based in San Diego, USA.

PureStrike was benchmarked against other performance tees in the market, including Calloway Par 3, Champ Fly, 4 Yards More, Martini Cup and Brush-T, and  independently confirmed as being in FIRST position on both less ball curve (measured in ball dispersion) and distance.


Pure(Strike) Genius!

This golf tee delivers a straighter strike because your club sweeps the ball and upper section of the tee away during the strike.  The base of the tee remains in the ground.  Because the tee is falling away, there is no interference between the club and the ball during the strike.  The tees have a larger cup than regular tees with an inside ridge effect for increased stability and balance so that the ball is perfectly still at the moment of contact with the club. The opening in the cup must face the direction of your target path; With a non-centred shaft moved to the front of the tee, there is no possibility of the club clipping the tee millisecond(s) before or during the strike.

PureStrike tees come in three height sizes (Small, Medium and Large).  All upper sections are compatible with the standard one-inch base, which is in the ground during the shot.  Not only this, but PureStrike golf tees are made from recycled materials and are still recyclable!


Made In Ireland

This tremendous family achievement has deep Irish roots.  Manufacturing is with Tool and Gauge precision tool makers in Sligo; assembly and packaging are managed by Rehab Enterprises in Navan, Ireland’s largest non-government employer of people with disabilities.  ACE Golf Tee Ltd also thanks Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office Dublin City for its support.

In bringing a performance golf tee to the market, we join the increasing number of successful Irish companies providing premium golf products and services, both at home and globally”, said Elizabeth Lawlor, Co-founder and Director of ACE Golf Tee Ltd. “We are very proud of our Irish roots for many reasons – with many of the world’s best golfers hailing from Ireland, championship courses in amazing locations and international recognition of Ireland as a fabulous golf destination.  We are delighted that this heritage is our home.”

To shop now, visit and for more information and be sure to review PureStrike’s customer reviews at



Patrick Lawlor of ACE Golf Tee Ltd & Creator PureStrike Golf Tee Range


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