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No. 1 Accuracy and Ball Control – Robot Performance Proven in USA

The fundamental difference that sets PureStrike apart is its innovative two-part tee that delivers straight shots with less ball curve. It’s been designed for zero resistance, less spin, straighter result. Further distance. And we’ve been able to quantify this at Golf Laboratories in San Diego, USA - the world leader in golf equipment testing.

A straighter, longer shot with less spin... No Slicing, No Hooking!

Using a state of the art robot called LDRIC after Tiger Eldrick Woods, swing and flight performance data is captured on the most sophisticated technology available with precision and consistency.

We put PureStrike to the test against 5 top brand performance tees specified in the table below. 

The great news is when using PureStrike tees, golf balls are travelling straighter and further. Going as far as 4 Yards More, recognised as the longest distance tee on the market, balls struck off our tees are travelling significantly straighter (measured in dispersion) on ball flight path. PureStrike is in 1st place on both less ball curve/ball dispersion and distance.

Note: the lower the dispersion figure, the straighter the ball is travelling.

PureStrike Golf Tees were Independently Robot Tested at golflabs.com

Performance Testing Information:

Equipment Information:

  • Club: Callaway
  • Head: 10.5° Mavrik Max
  • Shaft: KBS TD 60
  • Ball: Titleist Pro





  • Temperature: 66°F / 19°C
  • Wind: 0-4 mph
  • Direction: Head
  • Humidity: 86°F / 28°C
  • Ground Condition: Dry
  • Weather Condition: Overcast and cool
  • Shaft: KBS TD 60
  • Ball: Titleist Pro