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PureStrike going 3 yards further than when teeing off wood tee.

Coming in 1st place for straighter strike and less ball curve (in comparison to 6 other top brand tees)

PureStrike and six other big brand golf tees were put to the test at Golf Laboratories Inc an independent equipment testing firm in California.  Golf Laboratories has been conducting robotic testing for close to 35 years and is the world leader in golf testing, used by major manufacturers, the USGA and the R&A.


Using the state-of-the-art LDRIC, a computer controlled robot, Golf Laboratories captures all swing and flight data with precision, repeatability and consistency. Performance data capture with the most sophisticated monitors in golf equipment testing on the market, specifically TrackMan radar technology https://www.trackman.com/golf/trackman-4 and GCQuad technology https://www.foresightsports.com/gcquad-quadrascopic-launch-monitor

Performance Testing Information:

Equipment Information:

  • Club: Callaway
  • Head: 10.5° Mavrik Max
  • Shaft: KBS TD 60
  • Ball: Titleist Pro





  • Temperature: 66°
  • Wind: 0-4 mph
  • Direction: Head
  • Humidity: 86°
  • Ground Condition: Dry
  • Weather Condition: Overcast and cool
  • Shaft: KBS TD 60
  • Ball: Titleist Pro