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“I just think these tees are awesome, I’m easily hitting longer and straighter shots. It’s no coincidence since that I changed from the conventional tees I’m striking the ball the best I ever have off the tee”.  

Barry Kavanagh 19 Handicap  Three_Off_The_Tee”


"I have no problem recommending golfers of all abilities to use the new innovative golf tee created by Purestrike. In a game of  fine margins we golfers need to utilise every available technology to compliment potential outcomes. Play well people”.  

Paul Tuohy 5 Handicap


“I don’t think I have ever used a Tee that has the same feel as what I have been getting since I started using Puretsrike tees. I have definitely noticed a huge change in how the ball flies and sounds when I hit the ball. I couldn’t believe that even on some of the off centre shots the results and feel I was getting. The big thing for me is my driving and at the club speed that I swing at its really important for me to have a tee that performs all the time. I know now that when I put down these tees and make a good swing I’m going to see the advantage of using them. The difference the extra 5-8 yards I’m getting is actually lowering my round being able to hit in a more comfortable club for my second shots.”

Evan Maher 4 Handicap, Three_Off_The_Tee


“As a low handicap golfer one of the main things I look for is consistency and ways to improve my game.  For me Purestrike does it all. The tees just perform every single time. My ball striking and shaping ability has gone up a level since I started using the tees.  The way they are designed to reduce drag and friction means that I’m getting easily 5-8 yards further on every tee shot. And they are going exactly where I want them. When you are trying to get to a low score its tees like this that can make all the difference.

They are just a super product that I think everyone needs to give a go, I can see them being a huge hit with all golfers and will definitely continue to use them.”

Tiernan Dempsey, Three_Off_The_Tee 


“Purestrike tees just make it so easy to have the ball at the right height every single time! It makes it so much easier to hit the ball well off the tee every time knowing that my ball is set up the way it needs to be. These tees just take all the guessing out of it.”

Elaine Redmond 


“What I like most about these tees is that I feel like I can actually hit at them. I know that whether I am hitting up or down on the ball I’m going to get a good connection with these.  Other tees you are worried about swinging too hard in case you connect with the wrong part but these are definitely a game changer for me and my friends going forward.”

Siobhan Martin 


“The different colours on the tees are. Really clever idea. I can easily tell which tee I am meant to be using and If I am  being honest I’ve been teeing the ball up wrong since I started playing. I don’t feel like I hit the tees really with the way I swing but having them at the right height alone is making all the difference. “-

Anne Kelly