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The PureStrike concept

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Sweep away for your straighter strike!

Ensures a straighter strike

Eliminates friction

Enables sweet-spot connect

Sweep away for straight strikes!

PureStrike unique design – not ONE piece to avoid the club clipping the tee before or during the strike - a pain point for most golfers – sabotage the shot – to avoid this happening our products offers a straight shot off the tee –

--- add in revolutionary – innovative – science and performance

  • Emotional drivers – ie getting into the head of the golfer ie why they want to buy it – tell them why you need it
  • Takes out the bad factors that can have a negative impact on your strike – lukes visual the cross hairs of a scope

    Because of the unique design the club sweeps the ball and the tee away during the strike

    The upper part is swept away – ie eliminates the possibility of the resistance between the club and tee (friction

    Much higher probably that the ball connects with the sweet spot of the club which is your PureStrike

    Clean connect with the ball and the club…

    Our innovative tees have been designed as a two-piece tee in an upper and base section.

    There is a choice of upper section heights and a standard base section height (1 inch), and all uppers are interchangeable with the standard base section.  You choose your height for your driver, connect to base and insert into the ground as one piece.  

    Each upper section has an off-centre shaft to avoid the risk of your club clipping this upper section either milliseconds before or during the swing. 

    Each upper section has an opening in its cup to facilitate the ball sweeping off the tee during the swing.  This opening to be placed in the desired ball flight direction